Tickets and prices

For visitors to Lahti, the easiest way to get around is to purchase either single tickets (mobile tickets) or day tickets. Any value loaded on another city’s Waltti travel card can also be used to pay for travel in the Lahti region.

LSL also offers a mobile ticket app, which can be used to buy bus tickets. To ensure smooth travel, you should download the mobile app to your smartphone in advance.

Mobile bus tickets

Mobile bus tickets can be purchased with an app downloaded to a smartphone. The mobile ticket app is compatible with the latest versions of the Android and iOS operating systems.

You can purchase mobile tickets from the app also without registration. The app is available in English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian. You can download the app online or from App Store or Google Play (under the name Lahti Region Transport).

Kuva:AppStore Kuva:Googleplay


The app can be used to buy single journey tickets and 24h travel cards for adults and children (aged 7–16). The ticket price is determined on the basis of the zones it is purchased for. You can check the prices here. An adult’s single journey ticket is cheaper when purchased from the mobile app than when it is paid in cash.


The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase, and it can be used within the range of zones it was bought for.

Once you have paid for the ticket, it is shown on your personal ’Tickets’ page, where all of your valid bus tickets are displayed. Information on how long the ticket is valid for is displayed above the QR code. You can browse your previous tickets from the ’History’ page. A single phone can be used to buy several tickets (for example, in the case of a child travelling with an adult).

You must present the mobile ticket to the driver on your phone screen when getting on a bus.

day tickets

A day ticket is the cheapest and most convenient option if you need to make three or more journeys during one or several days.

Day tickets are available for all zones and you can choose the number of days for your ticket from 1 to 7 days. You can check the day ticket prices here.

You can purchase a day ticket in advance – the ticket is valid from the moment you stamp it at the beginning of your first journey. For example, a one-day day ticket is valid for 24 hours starting from the stamping of the ticket.

Day tickets can be purchased at the following places:
Matkahuolto Lahti (only for travel zones A and B)
R-Kiosk Trio
R-Kiosk Tori
R-Kiok Ahtiala (only for travel zones A and B)
R-Kiosk Mukkula (only for travel zones A and B)
R-Kiosk Hollola
R-Kiosk Orimattila
Lehtimäki Liikenne Oy
Heinola Public Library