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For students who meet the criteria for a student discount, the Waltti value ticket is 30% cheaper than an adult value ticket. The student discount for a season ticket is 30% of the price of an adult season ticket. Check the prices from Tickets and prices.

There is no student discount for single and mobile tickets or contactless payment.

The criteria for granting a student discount are that your study must be full-time, lead to a profession or a degree, and the length of your academic year must be at least 8 months.

You will need proof of identity (ID) when applying for a student discount. In addition to your ID, you will need either a student card issued to a full-time student or a student Waltti travel card application with an educational certificate.

The student discount is always granted for a fixed period, for a maximum of one academic year at a time.

You can purchase a student’s Waltti travel card at the customer service. Make sure you have your ID and the necessary certificates with you.

Waltti Travel Card Application for Students