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Waltti travel card info

You can pay all your local and regional LSL bus transport fares with a Waltti travel card.

Waltti is a nationwide public transport ticketing system operating in more than 20 urban areas in Finland. The unified system means that tickets are similar in different cities, so you can use a Waltti card outside of your home city. Waltti travel card can be used to pay for public transport in cities such as Oulu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Joensuu, Lappeenranta and Lahti.

You can choose either a personal card or a multi-user Waltti card.

Personal Waltti card

Personal Waltti card can only be used by the card owner. A personal card can include e.g. student or senior discount. If you lose your personal card, the personalizing of the card allows for the value or season remaining on it to be transferred to a new card.

Multi-user Waltti card

A multi-user Waltti card can be used by multiple people of the same or lower age group. A multi-user card corresponds to the possession and use of cash money, so a lost multi-user card cannot be closed nor can any value or season remaining on it be transferred to another card.

The Waltti card works in two different ways: as a value ticket or as a season ticket. You can load both types of ticket onto the same card and use the value or season ticket according to your travel needs.

  • You can load value (0,65-500 €) to a personal or multi-user Waltti travel card.

    A value ticket can be used to pay for individual journeys. When paid by value, the ticket is cheaper than a ticket paid in cash.

    Default travel zones are set on the Waltti card when you purchase the card and the value ticket price is charged automatically according to the default zones when you stamp the card in the bus. When the default zones are correct, it’s enough to stamp the travel card in the reader and you don’t have to select the zones separately.

    If you are traveling a distance that differs from the default travel zones, select ”poikkeusmatka” on the card reader and then the correct zones before stamping the card.

    You can change the card’s default travel zones at Waltti web shop or at customer service.

    The value can be used to pay for the trip of a fellow passenger belonging to the same or a lower age group. However note that the discounts (e.g. student discount) are personal and don’t apply to your fellow passenger.

    Value loaded onto the travel card can be used on public transport in other Waltti regions.

  • A season ticket is personal and can only be loaded onto a personal Waltti card. A season ticket allows for unlimited travel in the zone of your choice within a specific time frame. The season ticket can be downloaded for 30, 90, 180 or 365 days and its validity starts from the first use. The minimum period of validity is 30 days.

    The season ticket can also be purchased in the Waltti Mobiili app, in which case the season ticket works as a mobile ticket on the phone.

    The season ticket can only be used in your own region (not in other Waltti regions).

The easiest way to buy a personal travel card is from the online Waltti web shop, where you can also load a ticket product onto the card. You can also purchase a card from customer service or other sales points. Multi-user travel cards can only be purchased from customer service or other sales points.

You can load your Waltti card online, at customer service or other sales points and on the bus.

If you have lost your Waltti card, contact customer service.

More about Waltti

Find out more about the Waltti travel card on the official Waltti website.

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