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Customer service

LSL’s customer service operates in Lahti-Piste, which is the customer service point of the City of Lahti. You can find other service points in other municipalities of the LSL region. In addition, there are other sales points and ticket machines for reloading Waltti travel card.

Customer service

Trio shopping center (Palvelutori Service Centre)
Vesku-aukio, 2nd floor
Aleksanterinkatu 18, 15140 Lahti
tel. (03) 814 2355

At Lahti-Piste you can buy and load Waltti travel cards. Lahti-Piste also handles broken and lost travel cards and advices customers on public transport.

More information and opening hours

Other service and sales points

  • You can purchase a new Waltti card from the service point and additionally buy ticket products for your Waltti card. At these points, you can also change your travel card customer information, such as default zones or customer group. These service points do not process complaints nor provide advice on other issues related to the use of public transport.


    R-kioski Aleksanterinkatu 11 (commission 3€/download, 5 €/new card)
    Aleksanterinkatu 11, Lahti

    R-kioski Lahti Asema (commission 3 €/download, 5 €/new card)
    Lahti Travel Center, Mannerheiminkatu 15

    R-kioski Tori (commission 3€/download, 5€/new card)
    Vapaudenkatu 10, Lahti

    R-kioski Trio (commission 3€/download, 5€/new card)
    Aleksanterinkatu 18, Lahti

    R-kioski Nastola (commission 3€/download, 5€/new card)
    Mestarintie 1, Nastola


    R-kioski Heinolan tori (commission 3€/download, 5€/new card)
    Savontie 5, 18100 Heinola


    Piipahlus, Hollola (commission 2 €/card)
    Nuottikuja 2, Hollola


    R-kioski Lammi (commission 3€/download, 5 €/new card)
    Mommilantie 3, Lammi


    R-kioski Orimattila (commission 3 €/download, 5€/new card)
    Closed 25.-13.6.2024 (Erkontie 16)
    R-kioski will open at a new address on 14 June 2024 (Erkontie 14, 16300 Orimattila)


    Asikkalan Municipal Office  (comission 2€/card)
    Rusthollintie 2, Vääksy

  • You can find Waltti webshop at kauppa.waltti.fi

    In the Waltti webshop you can:

    • Order travel cards
    • Buy ticket products for your travel card

    To order a new travel card, you must first register as a user of the Waltti webshop (requires strong identification). In the Waltti webshop, you can order a personal travel card for yourself or for a child under the age of 17 living in the same household. The ordered travel card will be delivered to the address you provided within 7-14 days of ordering.

    In the Waltti webshop, you can also buy ticket products for the card without registration.

    By registering as a user of the Waltti webshop, you will have access to all the features of the Waltti webshop and, for example, you can connect several different cards to your user account.

    In the Waltti webshop, the sales fee for purchasing and topping up the card is 1,42 €.

  • On the bus, you can buy single tickets and ticket products for your travel card. Please note that on the bus, the Waltti card can only be loaded with a season ticket similar to the one previously on the card.

    The payment method for buses is cash only. The commission for buying ticket products for your Waltti travel card is 4 €.

Please note

All the service and salepoints charge you a commission (service fee) for their service. The amount of the service fee varies from point of sale, so please always check the service fee at the point of sale.