Waltti travel card

You can pay all your Lahti region public transport fares with the Waltti travel card. You can choose either or both a season ticket or value loaded on the card.

Lahti Region Transport (LSL) adopted the Waltti system in 2016 and it’s in use all over Finland. The card can be used to pay for public transport also in cities such as Oulu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Joensuu, Lappeenranta, Kajaani and Kouvola.

You can read more about the Waltti travel card here.

With the Waltti system, public transport prices are determined on the basis of travel zones rather than kilometres travelled. LSL transport region is divided into nine travel zones (map below).

You can choose between a personal and a multi-user card. A personal Waltti card can only be used by the person it’s been purchased for. A personal card can include e.g. student or senior discount. If a personal travel card is lost, the value or season remaining on it can be transferred to a new card at the Lahti-Piste service point (Lahti Public Library – Central Library). A multi-user card can be used by anyone and any value or season remaining on a lost multi-user card cannot be transferred to a new card





You can load a season ticket to your Waltti travel card for unlimited travel during that period within the zones you have selected. The season ticket is personal and it must be for at least 30 days.

The price of the season ticket is the same for all passenger and age groups (children, young people, students, adults and seniors). You may also load value (5–500 euros) to your Waltti travel card. With the card, the price of a single ticket is approximately 25-35% lower than for a corresponding single ticket paid in cash.

Season Tickets 1.9.2016

Single tickets 1.9.2016

Price Value Tickets 2017



All the ticket types entitle you to transfer from one bus to another within a set time period. The travel zones and the transfer time, which your ticket is valid for, are printed on the ticket. The transfer time is calculated from the moment you buy your ticket (mobile ticket) or stamp it on the bus.

Transfer Time



Lahti-Piste service point (Lahti Public Library – Central Library, Kirkkokatu 31, Lahti)

R-Kiosk Nastola  (Mestarintie 1, Nastola)

Heinola Public Library (Kauppakatu 12, Heinola)

R-Kiosk Trio (Trio shopping center, Aleksanterinkatu 18, Lahti)

R-Kiosk Tori (Lahti Market Square, Torikatu 1, Lahti)



Value and season can be loaded on Waltti cards at the following sales points:

Online, with a sales charge of €1.42 (incl. VAT) per loading occasion

Lahti-Piste (Kirkkokatu 31, Lahti), for €2 (incl. VAT) per loading
Changes in the travel-card information cost €7 per change (incl. VAT).

Matkahuolto Lahti (Askonkatu 2, Lahti) for €4 (incl. VAT) per loading

Heinola Public Library (Kauppakatu 12, Heinola), for €2 (incl. VAT) per loading
LSL buses, for a charge of €4 (incl. VAT) per loading

R -Kiosks (Sales charge €3, creating new card charge €5)

R-kiosk Aleksanterinkatu 11 (Aleksanterinkatu 11, Lahti)
R-Kiosk Trio (Trio shopping centre, Aleksanterinkatu 18, Lahti)
R-Kiosk Tori (Lahti Market Square, Torikatu 1, Lahti)
R-Kiosk Lahti Asema (Lahti railway station, Mannerheiminkatu 15, Lahti)
R-Kiok Ahtiala (Alasenkatu 1, Lahti)
R-Kiosk Mukkula (Mukkula´s shopping centre, Ritaniemenkatu 13, Lahti)
R-Kiosk Hollola (Keskuskatu 4, Hollola)
R-Kiosk Heinola (Heinola Market Square, Savontie 8, Heinola)
R-kiosk Nastola (Mestarintie 1, Nastola)
R-Kiosk Orimattila (Erkontie 16, Orimattila)



Additional information on the Waltti travel card can be found here.

You can send feedback to LSL on Lahti city’s website.


Listen and see how to operate in different situations and how to buy the Waltti travel card. Watch Suomi Taskussa -videos.


Power of Attorney (The power of attorney provides rights to an authorized agent to handle your  Waltti Travel Card matters).